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Homo Iuzonensis: The newest human species discovered
(04-17-2019, 01:03 PM)Idris_A Wrote: Do you think are close many  decendants of the luzo and could their DNA be genetically engineered to produce more genetically linked zygotes with the luzos.

I definitely believe this is a far stretch. I believe that before we begin to genetically engineer zygotes we have to look at the ethical side of the argument. They are said to be new human species, if we wouldn't genetically engineer human zygotes, why should we do that to them? Furthermore, I don't believe that the added funding which would be necessary to support this research would be worth the investment. I feel like most of the research we need to expand our knowledge about Homo Luzonesis can be done based on the remains that have been found rather than stretching beyond what we need.

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