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The rise of electric car schemes in Wales

In Corwen the electric car is a new red nissan Leaf called Neli. This electric car is being set up in communities, to be able to give to people who have less transportation opportunities a better transportation opportunities in a faster way. Having said that, the communities have ordered this car to help people who have difficulties in getting to buses, trains that are not usually available when they need them or even to getting to appointments on time. People who support this system, say that having an electric car in their communities was a good experience because they can do their daily stuff on time with these electric cars like doing shopping, doctor’s appointments, or even to job interviews. This electric car have been invented in 2013 Cilgwyn, later on in Corwen the electric car was runned by a community partnership called South Denbighshire. Even though the invention of this car was a three year pilot project, but a Chief Officer Margaret Sutherland said that it was worth it, because it made a lot of people's lives easier and simple as well as happier. Reporters have said that getting to the transport system was big difficulty for people in Corwen. For example, people could get to their jobs with buses, but sometimes a job interview could be in a far place where one will barely get there by taking the bus, but by bringing the electric car into play people could get to wherever and whenever they want. A lot of people were very satisfied about the electric car, as a consequence this made the Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig agency to order two electric cars that can be used by villages and towns. Not only people who can drive can book this car but also people who can't drive, as the government is also looking for volunteers to act as a drivers of these cars and bring the best use of this car by driving people who can't drive. The project officer Carwyn ap Myrddin said that purpose of this car is not just to have it in rural areas to help fasten the transportation system, but to also have it present in villages and towns to provide for people who actually don't even have access to transportation systems. This three year pilot project of electric car, have almost been the solution to the transportation issues in Wales, considering its low price for booking since it is an electric car. Except to the fact that people who are under 25 can't drive it, even though they were the most group of people who needed it. One big advantage I noticed about electric cars is that they are better for the environment. When people in communities use the electric car more than they do for buses, they are protecting the environment, as well as making their lives easier by accomplishing their daily needs faster. Electric cars don't have an exhaust system in their engine, which means that they don't have emissions. But gas powered cars like public buses and taxis are a huge source to the greenhouses gases that make up in the atmosphere. However by using an electric car, people can help bring a cleaner air and healthier planet. In Alberta, we don’t really have a big problem of transportation, but one thing that I would recommend is try to invent electric powered transportation vehicles such as electric buses, and taxis. As well as to try to limit the use of personal cars, and use electric powered public transportation vehicles to protect our environment. 

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