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Britain Breaks Coal-Free Power Record

Over the Easter weekend, Britain underwent it's longest stretch with out the use of coal, surpassing the previous record set on April 2018 (April 2017 being the first full day since the industrial revolution that coal was not used). Though this sounds great, many experts suggested that in the absence of coal generated power, they switched over to gas and other fossil fuels. To me this is essentially cheating since the overall goal of fazing out coal for 90 hours was situated towards having a greener environment. It is still without a doubt an impressive effort, proving that coal generated power can be fazed out for a few days. It just needs to take more time and effort by nations around the world to replace the the coal with something else renewable, instead of gas and fossil fuels. Other countries that rely on a small or large amount coal for generating power should also try and attempt fazing it out for a few days and see how the compare to Britain.

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Britain Breaks Coal-Free Power Record - by AndrewAltobelli - 04-25-2019, 11:14 AM

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