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Hundreds of thousand of viruses in oceans

Direct evidence for virus systems in oceans is limited. This does not mean that viruses don’t play a strong role in controlling a microbial population, but in some cases, marine viruses can infect, as well as microbes researchers may not have into account in prior research. In my opinion, I think that it’s great to study about what viruses do to oceans because there is a lot of marines that have an effect on green algae. This can also further expand our knowledge of the carbon cycle in oceans, and how the different biological interactions such as viruses of marines and other kinds of animals give green algae their bright color. The ocean is full of microbes that breathe in carbon dioxide by getting their energy from the sun, this can also help us to further understand the carbon cycle in oceans. The present issue focuses on highlighting the role of viruses and their interactions in the marine environment, by researching on how marine viruses influence interactions and evolution of marine microbial communities. Developing techniques to gain an accurate estimate of the distribution has been a challenge for researchers. However as researchers started to question themselves a lot and a lot, researchers at the Ohio State University drew up a global map of marine viruses based in seawater samples from 80 sites around the world. And this made their viral almost 12-fold higher than estimates. Our knowledge of the viruses in marine environments is starting to increase with the development of the study that researchers have been reporting. The interactions between viruses and the organisms they infect have an impact on organisms such as plankton, which produce more than half of the oxygen we breathe and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Also the organisms they infect can control the diversity of viruses and influence the composition of microbial communities.
I also believe that the furthering of our understanding the intricate cycles and ecosystems of our oceans in important as we may be able to find new ways to repair the damage done to our oceans. Many people seem to disregard how important the oceans are as they contain 50-80% of all life on Earth. Maintaining good conditions of the oceans as well as understanding what is required, like viruses, for aquatic creatures to live will help to ensure biodiversity.

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