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What's It Like To Be Bitten By A Bedbug

It is being discovered that bed bugs have existed for far longer than humans, which is something interesting. It is been known from DNA samples from 30 species of the bedbug, that insects had been around for at least 115 million years. Due to the fact that they use a small tube-like structure to pierce the skin and drink human being’s blood. This makes them a huge public health concern, at the same time bed bugs are not known to transmit disease through their bites. Bed bugs are more active when humans are asleep, during the morning or night. It is been known that bed bugs can bite anywhere on the body where there is skin. Most of the time, many people do not feel the bite or get big symptoms other than the red dots where the bed bug bite or some minor irritation. Scientists have also proved that symptoms occur more or less immediately after the bite, typically symptoms go away after a week or so. Bedbugs often invade new areas after being brought there by clothing, furniture, bed or luggage. These creatures don’t differentiate between dirty and clean homes and places, which means even fancy hotels can have bedbugs. Although typically bed bugs tend to be found in crowded places such as apartment complexes, hotels, and homeless shelters. The key to avoiding bed bugs is to stop the insects entering, feeding in a human environment. The insects tend to pick hiding spots near human sleeping places, including bedrooms. The best thing to do in order to be able to clear from bed bugs is to fill or fix cracks and seams with things such as glue, clean bedding, and bed clothing regularly. Also, wash and dry bedding at high heat.

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