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Climate change link to puffin deaths

Climate change has resulted in the death of thousands of puffins, the beautiful creatures are starving to death and washing upĀ . Puffins are dying due to their main food which is fish migrating up north due to rising temperatures. This is devastating, its up to us to raise awareness of climate change cause if nothing is done puffins will become the new Dodos.
[Image: _107151435_201711.jpg]#Save the Puffins Sad
this article, especially the horrifying photo, really illustrates the impact and the extent to which our actions as humans are affecting our planet. i agree with you in that we must raise awareness in order to save the puffins. to add, i often find that people, including myself, easily overlook the more uncommon species that are being affected by climate change. i believe that if an overall shift in human actions occured then we would begin to recognize all of the organisms that need help.

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