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Scientists Say Wasps Should be Appreciated

The wasp often gets a bad rap as it is considered an unwelcome guest at picnics by getting into drinks and food and it is known for delivering painful stings. However, Scientists state that wasps are beneficial as they control the populations of other insects. Without wasps taking care of pests, we would have to use more pesticides.  Dr. Sumner of University College London states that ``They're the maligned insect of the insect world - they're viewed as the gangsters. Whereas actually we should be viewing them as a beneficial insect - they're doing us a favour, and we're just completely overlooking that favour." So the next time a wasp stings you, remember that they have another job controlling pests that may be more annoying to us and require us to use harmful pesticides. 

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Scientists Say Wasps Should be Appreciated - by Jason Miller - 05-31-2019, 01:52 PM

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