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Fear of Killer Shrimp May Threaten Rivers

Fear alone could be altering the behavior of other species in the aquatic ecosystems of UK Rivers.  The presence of these killer shrimp is enough to cause other species to be less effective in what they do.  Known formally as the Dikerogammarus villosus,   this crutascean causes the other species to spend more time and energy avoiding the killer shrimp and less time on behaviors that are required for their existence.  A study completed shows that simply being in the same tank as one of the shrimp caused the other species to not perform tasks such as shredding leaves that are vital for other species to survive. The threat of the killer shrimp has been linked to extinction of species in some area.  

[Image: _107229155_dikerogammarusvillosus-credit...oflodz.jpg]

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Fear of Killer Shrimp May Threaten Rivers - by Jason Miller - 06-05-2019, 02:10 PM

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