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Russian Fish spies

 Reading about animals being used as spies is both funny and sad to me. Of course a title about fish being used as spies initially is interesting and seems a bit ridiculous, but the more I think about it the more sad it becomes. The use of animals in our wars brings danger to many innocent animals. For example, the beluga whale mentioned n the article was believed to be a Russian spy because it was wearing a harness. In reality, the whale was an escaped children's therapy whale. The paranoia that animals are being used as spies brings danger as they could be killed due to suspicion, even if they are not truly being used as spies.
I completly agree with you in saying that the use of animals as spies or in the war is sad. Very cruel. I think the worst part is that the are unaware of what is happening around them, completley innocent. This article reminds me of animals were and still are used for research in labratories. I believe this is just another example of how humans are taking advantage of what our planet has given us.
It is disheartening to hear that animals are now being used by humans in such a negative way. The deprivation of freedom for animals will only result in more casualties within marine life and wildlife. Instead, humans should be figuring out how to remove wastes from the ocean and come up with satisfactory methods of saving endangered species instead of making it worse for them.

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