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600 Plant Species Extinct
A new comprehensive study shows that almost 600 species of plants have been lost in the wild over the last 250 years. This value is found through actually extinction and is an accurate representation of the lost plant species. Research also shows that the rate at which the plants are becoming extinct is 500 times faster than what would be naturally expected. Seeing this really opens your eyes as to how much diversity is being lost in the wild through our actions. The amount of plant species extinct is more than twice as the extinction of mammals, amphibians and birds combined. This really seems alarming seeing as there seems to be a lot more awareness towards the animals extinction but losing these plants could be just as detrimental. Seeing as many plants have herbal uses the more species we lose we are also possibly losing a cure for many diseases. As well as losing a food source for many animals a lose is plants can only lead to a cascade of consequences.
The seriousness of plant extinction cannot be underestimated. The extinction of plants will certainly have an effect on the mammal, amphibians and bird population as the reductions in plant life could reduce the food source of these creatures. As every living thing requires oxygen to survive this is also a negative effect. Also, as diversity of plants decreases, the ability of plants to adapt to their surroundings in regards to climate and environment is also reduced. Researchers should be following the same protocol regarding extinction for plants as they do for mammals etc. and be aware that the rapid extinction of plants is very serious.

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