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Endangered Caniverous Plants are being reintroduced indrouced in England

[b]Endangered carnivorous plants are being reintroduced to parts of England in an attempt to reverse their decline.[/b]
Botanists say the "fascinating and beautiful" great sundew is extinct in many areas, due to loss of wetlands.
With tentacles that trap and digest insects, the plant is one of a dozen or so meat-eating plants native to the UK.

These are really fascinating plant, Although their reintroduction may cause entropy in the already assimilated ecosystems.
What concerns me even more is the fact that the plant was driven almost near to extinction by human activities. With the way the world has fast revolutionised and continues to do so without a tip of the hat in the direction of the well-being of the Earth, more and more species of organisms will continue to go extinct. However now that almost everyone is aware of the damage the planet is taking, hopefully there will be great changes in order to save the health. Wishing the Sundews a quick recovery!

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