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More than a quarter of UK mammals are facing extinction
41% of species has declined since 1970. I believe the reason for this phenomenon is human kind, we continue to increase population, resulting in our need of more space for more people. We cut down forests are ruin natural environments to build facilities, houses, factories, etc. and as we are doing this and we continue to grow we continue to ruin ecosystems and environments, destroying homes for animals and food they need to survive. I believe we are the reason for many animals to be on the brink of extinction, as well as the population and species of animals significantly decreasing overtime. 26% of all mammals were at risk of extinction. Although 26 percent may not seem like alot, taking in regard all the mammals, 26% is a lot of them. This problem is not just happening in the UK, it is happening everywhere around the world, we as a human species continue to populate and continue to need more room resulting in the extinction of many animals. The question is, what are we going to do about this phenomenon. Does anyone have any other input or ideas?
What is even more sad about this is the population of the world is only going to keep increasing. What can we really do about it? Nothing really in my opinion as more technological advances are out to help humans live longer and cure illnesses and this will lead to a spike in births especially in developing countries.

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