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Ozone hole vigilance still required

The recovery of the ozone layer over Antarctica cannot be taken for granted and requires constant vigilance according to Dr Shanklin, along with Joe Farman and Brian Gardiner, first alerted the world in 1985 that a deep thinning was occurring in the ozone layer above Antarctica each spring. 

Many think the ozone has fully recovered but report says it still needs to be watched constantly. Although there have been improvements, there are still countries out there producing the chemical and this could pose a threat to the hoped recovery of the protective layer. Another topic that has also caught Dr Shanklin's eye is sulphur hexafluoride, or SF6. It's an extremely potent greenhouse gas and there is monitoring going on for its levels and impact on the ozone.
I understand the dilemma, as the ozone layer is proof that we as a human race are destroying our world and the environment we live in. I agree that the recovery of the ozone layer must be closely monitored along with substances that countries produce in which may harm the environment and or the ozone layer. Yet we need to decrease production and the burning of fossil fuels in order to slowly decreases the harm we are bringing to the environment itself.

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