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Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels
#1 Confused

Researchers at the University of Richmond in the US taught a group of 17 rats how to drive little plastic cars, in exchange for bits of cereal.
Study lead Dr Kelly Lambert said the rats felt more relaxed during the task, a finding that could help with the development of non-pharmaceutical treatments for mental illness.

The rats were not required to take a driving test at the end of the study.

I was quite confused as to why rats were being treated for stress levels, but  the article stated that the findings for these sorts of experiments could prove useful for future research into treatments for different psychiatric conditions. This could be traced back to the fact that there is no cure for schizophrenia or depression and these are disorders that are affecting quite a number of people all over the world. For now, I must admit that these rats are living fantastic lives. I mean, these creatures are allowed to drive without having to go for a driving test. Now that's great news. 
I wonder how long it takes for the rats to learn how to drive, But more realistically based on their location in the food chain rats should live more based on instinct so can they really be acceptable candidates for test for mentally illnesses.
What am confused about is how they are testing rats for mental illness that happens to humans. Will they compare how these rats acts to their stress with how we act to stress?
And wow rats are so lucky having to drive without studying and stressing about getting driving licences.
What do you think about testing rats for human illness
The science behind positive feedback in this article is quite fascinating when really thought about. The human brain is one of the most complex object in the known universe and understanding the functionality of similar species is quite beneficial.
I totally agree with you, I think that is a great way to think about it. As we begin to understand how other species work and think, it may help us understand about how our complex brain thinks to preform certain tasks. As I think there are better ways to preform experiments this way, it still benefits us with information.

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