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Pesticide poisoned French paradise islands in Caribbean

This article is about how food in in the French Caribbean is being polluted with pesticides that are linked to cancer and are creating serious health issues for the people living there.  The pesticide chlordecone has been sprayed on bananas for decades and now all adults have traces of this chemical in their blood. Large areas of soil, costal waters and rivers are polluted and many people are angry and have anxiety about this. Chlordecone is a very strong chemical and has the ability to interfere with hormones, cause diseases and is potentially carcinogenic.    Chlordecone hasn't been used in the Caribbean since 1993, the breakdown of this chemical is very slow and can contamination can last centuries.  Although this chemical is not beneficial for anyone, and found in 750,000 of people, they discovered a link between chlordecone and prostate cancer. In 2018 the highest rates of this cancer were found on these islands. They also found that infants motor skills were affected if they were exposed to this chemical. Scientists also saw the possibility that chlordecone were related tp premature births. 

Even though these pesticides haven't been used for a long time, it is still affecting so many people today. Makes you wonder what other chemicals that have been used  or are currently in use, that has effects on our health. Although people know better about chemicals and how they relate to health now, people need to become more educated about what they are actually using and how it could affect future generations.
The effects of pesticides has been devastating to people all over the world. Pesticides are still prevalent on produce as there is not strict enough regulations from governments to crack down on the big corporations. The health problems will still affect children for generations to follow.

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