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5,000 'fibre-optic eyes' A super telescope has begun to probe the universe.
A super telescope has begun the most detailed survey of the Universe ever undertaken.
The aim of the five-year programme is to shed light on Dark Energy - the mysterious force thought to drive an accelerated expansion of the Universe. The instrument effectively contains 5,000 mini-telescopes, and can image a galaxy every 20 minutes. By its end scientists will have surveyed more galaxies than all the other telescopes in the world combined.
The Big Bang theory of the creation of the Universe originally predicted that its expansion would slow down, and that it would possibly begin to contract as a result of the pull of gravity.
However, in 1998, astronomers were shocked to discover that not only was the Universe continuing to expand, but that this expansion was also accelerating.
The most widely held view is that something is counteracting the pull of gravity - and that something has been termed Dark Energy.
It has been calculated that Dark Energy makes up most of the Universe. Indeed, the atoms that build planets, stars and galaxies probably account for just 5%.

Prof Ofer Lahav, from University College London, is taking part in the project. He said scientists still knew next to nothing about Dark Energy 20 years after its discovery.
"It is just embarrassing to live in a Universe where you only know 5% of it," he told BBC News.
"The nature of Dark Energy, and what it is, may well lead to a revolution in physics - the whole of physics!"

  This is really fascinating i wonder how longer it will take for the these discoveries to prove fruitful, although If it proves profitable will there be conflict over possesion.
Dark matter is still quite difficult to discuss as no one fully knows what it is and how it acts. It is quite exciting to think about the possibilities of Dark Matter and to see the investment go into researching it.
I think that our technology has grown to very great aspects where we can do multiple fantastic things like, show us other galaxys thousands of light years away. It will be unbelieve to see all the galaxy that will be found. It is unbelieve for the mind to think of something it has never encountered our seen before, as we discover more galaxies and put more research into dark matter and galaxies more and more technology will come out for us to find out more

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