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Climate change: Thousands invited to join citizens assembly

I feel like this is a great accomplishment for our world. As more and more people learn and find out more about the dilemma of climate change the more people will make smarter decisions regarding how to take care of our world. If we describe climate change as a world dilemma and invite thousands of citizens to such an assembly. 30,000 people were invited to this assembly to gain knowledge and show and spread awareness. The assembly will be taking place next year and at this assembly decisions will be made for more environmentally friendly decisions. these decisions will then further be passed to parliament to make bylaws and further change in cities, provincies, countries and territories, all out changing the decisions of our world all together, as the human race can hopefully turn to more sustainable paths. Some changes that are being worked on and committed to is that the UK government is planning to cut all carbon emissions by 2050. information from multiple countries will contribute to making sustainable decisions for the whole world to agree to. Slow and easy contributions to the end goal is encouraging to help make final changes. does anyone have any comments on the climate change dilemma? I definitely know that not all the countries will agree with changes the rest of the world is willing to make. Like for example, USA, and Donald Trump will not be signing or making any agreements as the last climate change agreement that involved the US did not last long. I although do not agree with the decisions made towards climate change by the USA, they do have their own point they bring, although it is not enough to disregard the changes being made in the environment.
I am always wary of gatherings like this, because most of the time it seems like they do not make much of a difference. I am however hopeful that with all the awareness going around, that people will pay mind to the adverse effects of human activities.
This is really motivational I hope this new found spread of climate change awareness spreads rapidly.
This is a great thing to hear. Not only does this assembly spread awareness about the issue that is global warming, it allows citizens to actively participate in fighting it. I agree, the assembly could educate those of the issues causing climate change, and allow for them to make alternative decisions in their everyday lives. I think this is a very good move on the United Kingdom's part, and could potentially inspire other countries to do the same.
The solution to climate change is not very complicated, but our problem is that the majority of people do not make environmentally conscious decisions. Hopefully we will all take action and create a healthy environment for future generations.
I feel that to most people to solution to climate change is very complicated, like for example Donald Trump, some people have views that are very different to saving our planet. But yet we do agree.
I also agree that it is great how more and more people are aware about climate change and try to act towards it. Possibly if one day the majority of the people in the world come together to do something about climate change there could be ways to make it better before it gets worse. The more hands join, the better it will be.

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