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Voyagers shed light on Solar System's structure

Data sent back by the two Voyager spacecraft have shed new light on the structure of the Solar System.
Forty-two years after they were launched, the spacecraft are still going strong and exploring the outer reaches of our cosmic neighbourhood.
By analysing data sent back by the probes, scientists have worked out the shape of the vast magnetic bubble that surrounds the Sun.
The two spacecraft are now more than 10 billion miles from Earth.
Researchers detail their findings in six separate studies published in the journal Nature Astronomy.
"We had no good quantitative idea how big this bubble is that the Sun creates around itself with its solar wind - ionised plasma that's speeding away from the Sun radially in all directions," said Ed Stone, the longstanding project scientist for the missions.

If this magnetic field were to possible become stronger could the be a magnetic pull towards the earths magnetic field cause a slow prepulsion to wards the sun
What amazes me even more is the fact that the spacecrafts were able to survive and live this long. Hopefully, more useful information can be gathered.
I question if it is possible if this "magnetic bubble" could grow stronger. However, the Voyager missions have been instrumental in the study of a solar system and it is impressive that even after forty two years, the probes are still going strong.

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