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Hoglets 'too light to hibernate' after wet summer, charity says

Hundreds of baby hedgehogs are having to be rescued because wet weather has left them too underweight to hibernate, a wildlife charity has said.
Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital said it has been "overwhelmed" and claim it is their worst year yet.
The centre already has more than 200 hoglets in its care - double the number it had this time last year.
They put the rise down to this year's unseasonably wet weather drowning babies born earlier in the year.

This is very sad as these baby hedgehogs have no chance of surviving in the wild and therefore have to be saved. It is even worse when one takes in the fact that the weather seems to be continuously against them while they are not adapting to the changes. The new babies do not have time to fatten up enough to survive hibernation is said in the article. With this problem and the loss of habitat, the UK's hedgehog population has dropped by about half since the turn of the century.
This is so sad, although would it be possible if they could be relocated to a different location with lots of food so there to hibernate and remain unaffected by artificial disturbances.
the UK was known for its wet weather back in 20th century but now in the 21st century HALF of them died, now that's concerning, for the weather to be wetter and the food supply is so low their only one thing that comes to mind, we did it and we have to start taking this seriously or other species will face the same fate. The problem with moving them to a different location is that there aren't many suitable environments that could take them without destroying the ecosystem and if we do find one how will we transport them and how will it affect them.

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