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Nuclear fusion is 'a question of when, not if'
Fusion is the process that drives our sun. Natural, solar fusion generates huge quantities of heat and light. For decades, scientists have been attempting to recreate this process on earth. The idea is to heat hydrogen gas to 100 million degrees until it forms a thin cloud called plasma, and then control it with powerful magnets until the atoms fuse and release energy. This could potentially generate power that is low in carbon, which is an excellent alternative in today's environment. 

The UK government announced an investment of 200 million euros to deliver electricity from a fusion reactor by 2040. There are also many countries around the world that are raising funds, and pushing forward with many different approaches to fusion for the future. This means that worldwide, nuclear fusion is recognized as an alternative energy source, and it is just a matter of time before we could be potentially using this process in our day to day lives. This type of process is said to release much less waste, and comes without the danger of explosions. Although this process will take very long, and is slow and difficult, using fusion as a source of energy will allow for the environment to sustain prosperity as this would mean less carbon released. Fusion has not yet been successful in the past, but scientists are confident with new resources that they will get this process to work.
With improving technology and developments, I do think this will happen soon enough. Hopefully in the nearest future, it will be available for consumers at prices that can be afforded
The idea of fusion is quite exciting to say the least. Our world is experiencing a energy transition as fossil fuels are being moved out and new renewable resources are being implemented. As stated in the post, fusion can provide immense energy, maybe one day enough to power our entire world, reducing costs for everyone.
This method of nuclear fusion can really help our environment and provide a more efficient way to do things. Our world is already in the need to find ways to eliminate waste and if even some parts of the world start to get this to work, they could influence others to try it as well. However, could there be drawbacks to this method?
This is a great advancement! although it won't be till 2040, yet our technology is moving very fast I truly believe we will seen this advance. This may be our first breakthrough in helping sustainability regarding the environment. The best part of this all is that there are actually countries pushing and raising money towards such movements as these. Without people actually pushing to move towards a healthier environment there will be no way that the world will ever change to healthier environment. the only way that the world is ever going to have a better environment and world is if people are pushing together to make real change and movements in the environment to make a better world for everybody and future generations to come, along with ecosystems around the world.
If we are able to achieve this feat I wonder if we as a human race will be willing to switch to a more environmental friendly solar energy.

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