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Astonishing fossil ape discovery revealed

A ape has been newly discovered by fossil findings. This furthers the understanding the human race has based on evolution. We could use these fossil findings of ancient apes and learn more about evolution. The fossil findings of the apes could help us to understand how walking on two legs had evolved. The fossils show records of the apes having human like legs, this showing stages between evolution, although the apes did have arms similar to other apes, that could be used for hanging on trees. Although some people believe in evolution and others don't because of religious reasons, the fossil records that we have found and are yet to find bring great controversy to the religious beliefs. Scientists believe that this recent findings of ape fossils show the missing pieces we did not have onto how evolution really occurred. Fossil findings like the Danuvious guggenmosi, found to have lived about 12 million years ago. This species of ape has been recorded to be able to walk on two legs along with being able to walk on all fours. I think by this discovery and recent discoveries along with fossil records that are not yet found, there is a lot of evidence to back up the whole evolution theory, as fossil records continue to prove the theory. Does anyone have any beliefs on evolution and fossils, and how we were able to walk on 2 legs?
I believe humans have undoubted evolution over millions and millions of year. By process of natural selection, the mammalian organisms that were gifted with a genetic mutation that allow them to walk on two legs were able to survive better and thus reproduce and pass their genes on. It is quite exciting to more evidence of evolution, making the case of evolution more and more accepted

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