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Fish are Being Outnumbered by Plastic!!!
Plastic is building up in the oceans where fish develop and grow. A study has found that in Hawaii plastic outnumber baby fish by seven to one. Plastic is also being ingested by marine life and can cause health complications. There were seven times more plastics than there were larval fish. When plastic is ingested by one fish those species that eat the fish also get affected by it. They have done tests on fish and have found plastic ingested in them. I would say that if we don't start to control this now it will affect us in the future by a great deal. It is already a negative sign that fish are being outnumbered and if we don't take action soon, our oceans will be full of plastic. There are already ways in which people are trying to prevent the use of plastic like for example using metal straws instead of plastic ones but it will take more than that to help prevent damage in our environment.
What are your thoughts on this subject? What do you think we could do to prevent more plastic from going into our oceans? Do you think people are going to find ways to prevent using plastic or take no action whatsoever?
I believe eventually we will find ways to eliminate plastic from our daily life, but by the time that comes around the whole world will be covered by plastic. The world needs a solution and they need it now. With plastic in our ocean it will ruin all of the aquatic wildlife and will destroy environments. People need to become more aware of how there actions can impact the rest of the world. Even if they drop a piece of plastic on the streets and don’t think it will harm anyone, it eventually will and we can not let that happen
This article is frightening to read, the fact that plastic overwhelms fish in their natural habitats is quite devastating. Now that fish are also consuming the plastic, it will continue to move up the food chains, where it could eventually lead up to humans consuming fish that contain traces of plastic. We must do something about plastic in the oceans before it wipes out all of the ocean life.
This is scary, but not a surprise. As the population of human race around the world continues to increase, products and wastes will increase as well. The scary thing is is that if we continue down this path, which is unsustainable for the environment, we will kill out animals that we need to survive. We live in an ecosystem, that is disturbed, could put us in a very deadly situation. Does anyone agree with me? As plastic effects fish living in their environment, the fish population would decrease, and therefore another change in the ecosystem would take place and could cause a load of problems. The plastic in the ocean will not only disrupt ocean life, but if you think about the bigger picture, ecosystems rely on life in the ocean, and this reliability brings a great deal of stress onto every ecosystem on earth.
I wonder if there is an inevitable possibility of the earths ocean turning into a sea of waste, as the population of humans grows so does our desire for more water and land this will lead to overpopulation, and a lead to the need for the synthesis of of saltwater into fresh water, I wonder if then we will regret dumping plastic waste into our water bodies..
This is really sad, but what is even sadder is the fact that not much can be done about the issue at hand. It really is terrifying how much of the world has been impacted by humans
It is quite disappointing and sadden to hear how devastating humans have caused to the ocean environment. To prevent more plastic, we could easily used reusable products or use biodegradable. Easier said then done. Unfortunately, I don't believe the majority of the population do not care and no action will be taken.
This is a devastating food chain of plastic contaminants.
I believe we need to find a way to eliminate plastic as much as we can before we ruin our planet by killing all of the fish and slowly ruining our ecosystems so they have no way they can come back and thrive. We need not only remove the use of plastics but find a alternative source of a plastic like material so our quality of life would not take such a hit and we can continue living our best life.
At the rate we are going by 2030-2045 fishes will go on extinct. And we need to find a way to eliminate/clear out those plastic in the ocean. Also we as human we should dispose our plastic waste properly.

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