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Large-scale tree planting 'no easy task'
We now have yet another green battleground in this election campaign: trees.
After claim and counter claim about everything from a ban on fracking to improving flood defenses to reducing carbon emissions, there's a flurry about forests.
The Conservatives say they'll plant at least 30 million more trees every year, a pledge that is roughly in line with a recommendation from the government's official climate advisers. But that would represent a massive increase compared with earlier targets set by the government and, as the other parties are keen to point out, these have not been met.
For their part, the Liberal Democrats have gone much further than the Conservatives by promising to plant 60 million trees a year - that's double the Tory number - arguing that that's needed to help fight climate change.
The Labour Party says its plan for trees, when it comes, will be guided by the science.

Politics and the environment, if only we could all just stop for 1 day and plant the trees.
tree planting is a great way to aid in our world and environment. Trees help, as carbon sinks, they take in a whole bunch of carbon dioxide, so they will take an effect in the rate of global warming. planting more trees is better for our environment, in a way as well as we can use cardboard instead of plastic, as logging is not always good, it is a better alternative then plastic. as plastic gets stuck in the sea, kills many many animals and effects ecosystems and environments. I agree with what you are saying. Politicians are just worrying about the vote and not actually taking into account for the environment. They should just plant trees for the sake of the world and environment. Arguing does not help anything
After planting the trees, I wish humans would just let them be for once

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