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New Hope for One of the Worlds Endangered Reptiles
Baby crocodiles were found living in Nepal, one of the worlds most endangered species. It is one of the rarest and strangest reptiles in earth. There are less than a thousand adult crocodiles of this species left. There was about 100 hatchlings found which is great for being able to reproduce and maybe eventually bring back some of the species. It is quite fascinating how all over the world people are still finding new species of animals, reptiles, plants, etc. By doing this it can help us find out more about our world. 

What are your opinions on finding endangered species? Are aware of any other species that are endangered to become extinct?
I hope more endangered species can be found, and more efforts made to help stop them from actually going into extinction. It's really saddening to see a specie die off anf no longer be in existence.
I feel that we need to keep these animals as safe as possible. when we get something so precious that shows up in the world we need to give it care so it may survive for the future. There should be rules not only made but enforced regarding how animals are taken care of in the world and how we should come across endangered species. does anyone else agree. These discoveries of baby animals whom are endangered could help us altogether in discovering a better habitat and living standards for animals.
It is quite alarming to see the amount of endangered species. I wonder what species of crocodile was found. Additionally, I was curious of the accuracy of the statistics for the endangered species.

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