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supernova 1987A; blob hides long sought remnant from star blast
Scientists have finally tracked down the dead remains of the Supernova 1987A-which was a star that had exploded. For years, scientists and astronomers have been searching for the location. This 'blob' that scientists refer to caused a struggle in finding the location. the blob is found as being hotter than its surroundings. this blob is thought to be heated by a star that was - what scientists think- created in the supernova. its pretty crazy to think about how scientists can get all of this information and make a whole bunch of equipment and technology to find all of this information. I find this really amazing and mind blowing, would anyone else agree? 
the explosion was first discovered in 1987- as for its name supernova 1987A- the brightest and closest supernova to be seen in 400 years, and the supernova1987A explosion happened about 168,000 light years from earth. I read this and was amazed that we were able to find out all of that information. I am surprised by the human race and where we have come. Does anyone have any opinions on this and also regarding the ability to find information as such?
Yeah same am surprised how they found the location of the blob and information of it. I mean this is something that happened like so many years ago, and then building equipment and facilities for an idea of what you think the blob is. Wow that’s fascinating, if we human race keep up the way with our technology things that are long long lost or still in discovery will be found
It amazing how we are able observe things so far away, I wonder how far in light years we are able to measure and if we are able to clearly interpret images produce by the reflection of light light years away.
This is something very cool to hear about. It is so amazing the technology that us humans have created in order to see and discover things like this blob. It's crazy how something 168,000 light years away can be studied by humans on earth. The human race is continuing to advance their technology, especially when it comes to studying space, which is fascinating and can lead to so many new discoveries.
It is mindblowing to hear that someone was able to find a blob given the size of the universe and how infinitely small this blob is. Im curious as to what this blob is and what is it made out of.
It's quite amazing that we can observe events, it will help our understanding of how the universe works, I was watching the news once and this beautiful image of the universe appears and it was breathtaking, the caption was how the universe would look if the human eye could see radio or microwaves (i don't remember which one it was) but seeing that kinda made feel that there's soo many spaces to explore in this universe and its like seeing the surface of the sea and we know that there's more underneath, and it scares some thinking about it.
This is very interesting and it really makes one wonder how much further technology can help humans to be able to detect even more phenomenal occurrences.

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