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Albino Squirrel hotspot in Sussex.

White squirrel 'hotspots' investigated in Sussex
Claire Brimacombe was walking through a park in East Sussex last February, when her eyes suddenly fell on a white squirrel.
After she kept on the seeing the unusual rodent - only one in 100,000 are born albino - in the Alfriston park, she decided to start recording the sightings, noting apparent hotspots for them in the county.
Now a website she set up records white squirrel sightings from across the UK, and Claire has appealed for help in investigating why there seem to be so many across the country.

I wonder if there is a surge in the population of albino squirrels, and if the could be a result of a mutation or an adaptation.
I think is probably because theses squirrels may have mates to another species of their classification. Or just like we human when we have an alibino there was probably a mid contradiction with the genetics we have.
Does this mean that these albino squirrels have come to have a selective advantage over the other breeds of squirrels? Even though that could be a possibility, I find it hard to see how beneficial albinism can be in any situation but hopefully, through the investigation ongoing, more information can be gathered.
The genetic mutation of the albino squirrels is quite fascinating. Will this mutation prove to be an advantage to the squirrel or not?

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