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Eating less meat may be doing less for the planet than you think

People often hear that a vegan/vegetarian diet is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment but farmers disagree. 

Farmers argue that the best way to reduce the impact of farming on the environment is to find alternative farming methods like keeping longer grass to help lock in carbon. The article even goes so far to say that "a diet rich in avocados and rice is much more problematic in terms of its impact on the planet... than one that includes a steak"
Not only does farmers help the earth by trapping carbon, they also create many carbon sinks to capture the greenhouse gasses and create a cleaner earth that will better the world of all of us
Yeah I don’t think we Eating plants more will help the environment too, because this plants help in the cycles of our oxygen/carbon/ carbon dioxide. At the rate we are multiplying if we all decide to be vegan/ vegetarians there won’t be enough plants for us to eat which will then cause to clearing more lands for vegetation farms which will also lead to deforestation.
It is almost like no matter what alternative methods humans try to employ, the results will still bear a consequence on the Earth. The population of the humans species is still growing exponentially and this could lead to more disastrous effects on the planet in the future.
just reading the title of this article is crazy to hear. ever since i have been in school I continued to learn about how if we eat less meat it will help the environment and they continue to teach us this in school, and now to hear that it was not true. Presently it is hard to know what to believe and what we should do to make our environment better. I do agree with one of the comments stating that it is almost like whatever we do, there will always be problems the earth will face. But it is understandable that the 'farmers' are arguing that not eating meat will help the environment since selling meat is their job.... farmers may be bias.

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