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Climate change; critical year for climate change in madrid
this is apparently a critical year for a change in the environment of Madrid. There has been recent bad news regarding climate change, which has bring talk to the new ideas and critical change. Meeting regarding such was supposed to be held in chile it was cancelled because of the ongoing civil unrest in the country. I think that more countries should be understanding the bad they have put into the environment and begin by following this simple act of change. If every country starts by a little goal in a year, a lot of the worlds problems could definitely be solved. There is a picture at the article that shows carbon emissions on earth. Carbon is taking much more of our earth then it should, and we are trying to solve this problems too late. Trying to get a bunch of countries to agree on one idea for climate change and to make a move to a better envrionment and lifestyle is a difficult task. As multiple climate change agreements ruin and demolish as countries back out one by one, or dont fufill thier role.  Angel Angel Angel

Angel Angel Angel Angel
I really hope that the UN continues to press forward with these important meetings directed towards making a change in our earth.

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