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India helps NASA find Moon Probe Debris
NASA says one of its satellites has found the debris of Indias moon rover which had crashed on the lunar surface in September. NASA has credited an Indian engineer, Shanmugan Subramanian to help locate the site of the debris. Mr. Subramanian examined the picture that NASA got and found out that the first debris was located about 750m north-west of the crash site. The rover, Chandrayaan, was supposed to land in the South Pole on September 7 but it approached the moon and lost contact. It had a hard landing about 600km from the South Pole. The mission originally was the most complex mission that Indias Space Agency had ever attempted. This is quite a great accomplishment. 

What are your thoughts?
it is amazing that they worked together to find the debris as to where it is located and where the crash site took place, as they trace it back to where the original plan was to land in the south pole, i do agree with you it is simply amazing. We continue to start missions and research and learn more about what we can do as the human race. This was said to be the most complex mission the indian space agency has ever attempted. But without mistakes and attempts we will never learn and be able to make more complex and dangerous missions that could succeed.
Science is ever advancing and it is really awesome to see how far technology is able to go. I however can't help but wonder about the debris from satellites launched into the orbit. What impact could this have on future launches? Will the debris ever become a problem to the earth.
It is wonderful to hear that other countries are making massive strides in space exploration. With the help of the world, our plans of greater space travel will become a reality. It will take the cooperation of everyone, but news like this makes me hopeful for the future.

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