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Mars rover hops to grab a piece of history
essentially the plan is to get a piece of equipment (which is currently in the testing) which will be able to provide us on earth with rock from mars. With this rock we will be able to find lots out about mars and will help us onto making plans for the future. The rover is currently being tested and trained to find and pick up items off of the ground. With the rock from mars brought to earth we will be able to better determine if there are any life on mars. This is very amazing to think about as what if we do discover that there is possible life on mars, what will the future hold then? The items retrieved from the rover would return to earth by approx 2031. This is actually very fast to think about. But there are other missions in the making that are even bigger than this involving human life-astronauts- around the same time frame. I believe our world is moving very fast and we will know more before we know it. Sooner than later. Would anyone else agree?
This would be a great discovery and yes I agree with u our world is moving quite fast. Things will happen before we know it. If this rover helps us get a rock from mars we could potentially try to figure out how we can get humans to live there since the Earth is starting to get overpopulated and if something big were to strike the earth our species would not be extinct.
This will be interesting to see the results of these explorations.
The information provide be rock samples would prove instrumental to the strategic planning and initiation of travel to Mars. Colonization of Mars will be made more effective with the sample. I'm curious as to how the sample would make it back to Earth given our current technology.

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