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Distant star's vision of our Sun's future 'death'
It is thought that our Sun will reach the end of its life in about 5-6 billion years. There was direct evidence that planets can survive the cataclysmic process. Our solar system will be destroyed when the sun dies and turns into a red giant, then turn into a white dwarf. Therefore we will also be gone in about 5-6 billion years, and as of right now all life, as we know it will be gone. That is if we don't kill ourself before then with our emissions causing global warming and climate change. We have found a white dwarf 2000 light years away with a planet orbiting it, which then could possibly give us hope for the future. In this article I read an amazing sentence regarding that if an asteroid got too close to this white dwarf it would simply get ripped apart by its gravitational field strength. This was simply mind blowing and crazy to read, as there is so much out there we don't know about and we continue to try to learn as much as we can as the human race.
This article is very interesting to read about. The fact that this is the first piece of evidence of any planet surviving the death of their sun is amazing. I completely agree, there is so much out there in space that we do not know about, and as we advance, we will continue to learn more about the world around us. Humans have been studying space for years and we only continue to learn more. This new evidence is really cool and will benefit those studying our universe.
Its mind blowing that a planet could survive the death of its solar system, Its crazy to think that there could be so much undiscovered out there so many things unknown to us. I hope we as humans are able to uncover most of it in the century so the I might witness it.
This is a very interesting article and it is crazy thinking about how there is so much we still don’t know being here for many many years. There could be much more we don’t know and should start to learn more about our universe, maybe something we figure out can help us with something in the future or even now.
I think this is a sort of rare incidence but in the future, I can't help but wonder what planet in our solar system that may have the features of one that could survive the Sun's expansion.
It is mind blowing to think about the sheer scale of our universe and just how minuscule our tiny planet is. Think about just how insignificant our lives are in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully the human race will be able to survive that long and colonize other solar systems.

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