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Seafloor scar of Bikini A-bomb test still visible
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On July 25, 1946, the first underwater detonation happened at the location of Bikini Atoll. Now 73 years later, scientists are back to map the seafloor. Scientists thought that much of the scarred seafloor would have been covered over with sediment by now. There is evidence that material initially thrown into the sky fell back down into the water column and spread across the seafloor. Although radiation levels are much reduced, there is now a pollution problem. One scientist states that as ships continue to disintegrate in the water, the pollution could further become an issue. 

I remember learning about this issue in social class. We specifically covered the nuclear experiments done on Bikini Atoll, and how unethical it was for the people who lived there, and how they had to leave, and come back a to radiation-exposed place they used to call home. Nuclear testing and technology is no joke, it is a very serious issue which can result in mutually assured destruction if not careful. What are your thoughts on the issue that is nuclear testing, especially underwater? And how would this have affected you if you were one who used to live in Bikini Atoll?
Wow! It is really unfortunate to see how materiala from bombs used long ago are still present in the sea. One would think their effects would have disappeared by now, but apparently they haven't. Water Bodies are still suffering pollution from the actions made back before.
I feel like every corner we turn we find an issue regarding our earth always in the dust. As you said that pollution is an issue as the ships disintegrate. If I were to do anything to fix this issue, is I would ban any nuclear technology therefore banning nuclear testing. There would then be no destruction to the earth in such a department. But I feel our world has gone too far.
The destruction of atomic weapons is utterly insane and can literally end life as we know it. Regular citizens are powerless to the massive governments that control these weapons of mass destruction. However, there are many agreements that hopefully will be honored to ensure no nuclear war.

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