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longest climate talks end with comprimise deal

there was 2 extra days and nights of negotiations, when a deal was finally agreed upon regarding cutting carbon emissions. This is called another year of failure as we really didn't make any huge important deals and changes regarding emissions. As the next major meeting regarding climate change is not until next year. I am very much upset that there isn't a huge meeting on climate change until next year. As they stop talking and having meetings about it, climate change and global warming doesn't stop and wait for them. The earth will continue to get worse and worse unless we finally do something about it. 2019 is actually in the top three warmest years in records. This is not showing a good path for our future. As if we do not stop our emissions now, who knows where we will be in 10 years, as our earth continues to get warmer and warmer. 2015-2018 make up the top four warmest years. I do not understand how this is not scaring anyone. There is clear evidence that we are making our earth unsafe and destroying it and that if we continue to do so, there might not be an earth left. I feel very strongly that there should be changes made and goals met. Who agrees?
I think many countries are not taking this threat seriously and it really is a shame to see this happening.
I definitely agree with you. The solution for climate change isn't very complicated, but countries only care about their economy and would not sacrifice wealth for climate change programs or put money towards solving climate change. The fact that the meeting required two extra days is a bad sign that governments cannot agree and are unwilling to cooperate.

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