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Astronomers warn of threat to view of Universe

satellites are ruining the night sky by competing for light with near by stars, further more, causing bright white streaks to appear in the sky, ruining constellations. This could causing problems regarding what you see threw telescopes and further radio astronomy observations. This is very scary to hear, that this incident could cause a halt in our learning of space and restrict us. Companies are working with astronomers to minimize the destruction of satellites to our beautiful night sky. In my opinion, I do feel satellites are a good thing for our to have in our night sky, as they give us internet and everything and help us learn more. But on the other hand, as a Christian, I believe that we should not be putting artificial man made construction in space, as everything should be natural. I feel that man made could just cause problems, and if you leave it how it was, then it should be fine. Does anyway agree?
There seems to be a conflict of interest as companies and agencies launch satellites into orbit to benefit us here on Earth. However, the satellites blocking the night sky and the view of astronomers is detrimental as they cannot even observe the universe. Given Space X planes to launch around one thousand more satellites into orbit, the problem might only get worse. I wonder if there is a reasonable solution for this problem.
Sadly, we might lose the ability to see the universe and the halt in our learning of space that it will bring. However, there are two sides to this story, those who want to focus on saving the planet from climate change. They would not care as much about the halt in our learning of space because if we would stay on earth, it's less important to know about the area at that time. Then some want to leave the planet and find a new home and let earth heal itself through time, and to find a new home. Then we would need to find one, and the halt in our learning of space is more important than. I would say we need to focus on one, not multitasking, which would leave a sloper job being done, what do you think? Leave a replay.
Issues like this always lead to mixed reactions. These days, communication and internet access are very important and these satellites. are very beneficial, it is however sad to see the problems they could cause. It is almost like the inventions of man though useful are actually blinding us from the true beauty of nature.

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