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Sonos in bricked speaker 'recycling' row
The company Sonos may have good intentions, but they did it the worst way possible, encouraging people to recycle their old Sonos speakers when nothing is defective or broken, also giving a 30% discount to those who did recover (Sonos did give steps to do so), however, this recycling only deactivates the speaker, some see this as a waste of a speaker which could have been sold for ($250 in good condition for the Sonos Play:5 speakers). what do you think, is it worth to deactivate a device which could have been reused or it's good to recycle it a [/size]
I definitely agree with your point. Why would anyone recycle there speaker that is in perfectly good condition for a 30% discount when they could sell it for $250? If all Sonos is doing is deactivating the device then is it really being recycle? Why not repair it if there is any problems then resell it. It would make more sense for someone to recycle a speaker there is in poor condition so that Sonos can at least recycle some on the parts that are still functional.
I understand that is a terrible idea. What is the intention of recycling a speaker that still has good use to it? I feel that this is worse for the earth and business and corporation should not be able to make deals such as this to get a 30% discount when it is just treating the environment negatively as the speaker is totally fine, we are just putting more garbage into the world.
This is an example of great electrical waste. It is really sad to see that companies are promoting this when it has such negative effects.
It a good and bad idea since the speakers are recycled they are not wasted and by providing people with incentive more people are likely to recycle than throw it away as waste or break it apart for the magnet and the recycling companies could also resell it. however since it is recycled some speaker parts will be waste.

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