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Climate change hope for hydrogen fuel

A tiny spark in the UK’s hydrogen revolution has been lit – at a university campus near Stoke-on-Trent.
Hydrogen fuel is a relatively green alternative to alternatives that produce greenhouse gases.
The natural gas supply at Keele University is being blended with 20% hydrogen in a trial that's of national significance.
Adding the hydrogen will reduce the amount of CO2 that’s being produced through heating and cooking.
Critics fear hydrogen will prove too expensive for mass usage, but supporters of the technology have high hopes.

Hydrogen can be produced from water through electrolysis, or from natural gas.
Electrolysis from surplus renewable energy is unambiguously beneficial for the environment – but it’s not very efficient.
For the foreseeable future it may be cheaper to produce hydrogen from natural gas. However, CO2 is released in the industrial process used to generate hydrogen.
The resulting CO2 would need to be captured and stored underground with carbon capture and storage (CCS) - a technology not yet established at scale.

Hydrogen is a cleaner option than many other sources of energy but the problem lies with its efficiency as it is not overly efficient. In the future, hopefully a cheaper way of producing hydrogen will be discovered.
it is really amazing, did you know that there a functioning hydrogen drone.
I do believe as time progresses, renewable energy like hydrogen will become cheaper and technology will allow for the renewable energy to become more efficient. As stated, the technology to harress, store and release the hydrogen is not yet developed and will take some time before there are commercial cars available for purchase.
Do you think that if this is industrialized and hydrogen automobiles become a dominant fuel, will there be unintended environmental consequences due to the mass production of the water by product.

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