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Pocahontas Heacham mulberry tree DNA test 'inconclusive'
Tests were experimented on this tree to establish the truth of a legend claiming that Pocahontas planted a mulberry tree in Norfolk and it was proven to be inconclusive. The native american had travelled to England with her husband John Rolfe in 1616 after saving a colonialists life. They spent 10 months in England before Pocahontas passed away and it was said that when she was visiting he husbands family, that is when she planted the tree. The tree still produces fruit and is in the same location. 

Researchers had decided to test the tree to see if it was all true and to figure out the DNA. They tested as many mulberry trees they could find nearby, they tried to get fingerprints or some kind of DNA out of it. They tested about 8 trees but got no clear evidence and observed that they probably belonged to the same clone. 

What are your thoughts on this topic? It is quite cool how we have the ability to find such things as DNA by doing some tests, don't you think so?
This is fascinating to hear about just a legend, as we were actually putting in actions to find proof, I find amazing and cool. As we have such amazing technology to find so much about the world and its past. It is sad that although they did tests on 8 trees, they ended with no actual evidence. I feel that it is extremely cool that we could do such a thing as doing testing on DNA etc.
With greater improvements in technology, there will surely be more break-throughs in figuring out aspects of history like this. Right now, it is really awesome to see how much of the past can be uncovered already.
I agree. The field of genetics is looking very promising heading into the future and already we are seeing the incredible work that is being done. I wonder how the tests are being done and how the DNA is examined and compared.

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