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Climate change hope for hydrogen fuel

A alternative has been found which would be better for our environment and display less harmful effects. This has been discovered at a university campus, natural gas blended with 20% hydrogen. With this new change, the usage of carbon dioxide gas will be greatly reduced in everyday living, I believe this advancement may be able to fix our climate change problem, although it all sounds great, Is there effects of burning hydrogen fuel that we don't know about that could be worse or just as bad for our environment? There is also worries that hydrogen will be too expensive for use of everyday living. This causes a fear of is ana actual change can be made for how expensive. The good part of burning hydrogen is that the only product of it is water. Which is better than any carbon dioxide emission. Does anyone have any opinions they would like to share?
I think this is a really good idea. Hopefully, this alternative can be employed largely in the future.
I agree 100% and yes you are right it will in fact be more expensive which might cause people to hold back on it because to be honest in our society now a days no one cares about what is happening to the environment or how what we’re doing is affecting it a tone. barely anyone is talking about what is in fact still happening in australia or ways to prevent things like that to ever happen again. our climate change is getting so bad and dangerous that animals that do not know how to handle these types of temperatures and will cause them to die.
If the natural gas blend is only 20% then wouldn't there still be carbon emitted into the atmosphere? I not sure if hydrogen gas is being used to power cars right now or how long it will take. However, with the boom of electric cars taking place, I feel electric cars will be the most dominate energy source for cars. If hydrogen can be harnessed, it could be used to generate the electricity for the vehicles.

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