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'Limited time' to fix brightness issue with SpaceX
SpaceX says it will work constructively with the scientific community to fix the brightness of its satellites. SpaceX has already released 180 satellites into orbit with many more to follow. Astronomers fear that they will interfere with telescope observations, as pictures of the night sky with long streaks across the field of view have become a common complaint. SpaceX is actively looking for ways to fix this problem, by making their platforms less intrusive, using a new coating that will hopefully reduce reflectivity. Other companies are planning to do the same and roll out a giant network of satellites. I remember reading another article that someone posted on here, also discussing SpaceX's satellites. SpaceX had assured that their satellites would not be an issue, yet that has not turned out to be the case. I wonder that now if other companies continue or start doing this, that our solar system will just be full of satellites, and may affect other aspects of discovering space. I understand that satellites are a big part of our everyday life, and help with communication as advanced technology, yet I wonder how many do we really need? How many is too many?
I don't think humans really stop to ask themselves that question. We are always concerned with making new things, doing more in a bigger and better way. But then when do we really get to that level where enough is enough? Does the earth and nature itself have to be destroyed before we are satisfied? But then again, the benefits of new inventions are sometimes so overwhelming that we refuse to think in that direction.
Obviously I am sure companies like SpaceX sending these satellites into space know better than I do, and I'm sure they are also making lots of money and benefiting society with their satellite projects. But as far as I can tell, communication technology and internet access and all the other services that satellites provide are quite satisfactory and have been for many years.
I hear about this before as it was becoming a problem regarding the night sky. Too much man made tech, I believe will destroy the environment. there is a reason for these complaints and its because of the many satellites in space orbiting earth. There is pros and cons to satellites as without these satellites we would not have the technology and advancement of the internet and maps and weather. Satellites help us with alot of day to day stuff, but will it become our downfall? as there are too many and there may be a sense of overcrowdedness.
Could the brightness pose a problem to interception of light travelling through space.

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