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Climate change: Arctic ice melt makes permafrost vulnerable

Climate change: Arctic ice melt makes permafrost vulnerable

[b]The absence of sea ice in the Arctic is closely connected to the melting of permafrost, according to a new study.[/b]
Permafrost contains massive amounts of carbon which are likely to be released as climate change heats up the world.
When this carbon enters the atmosphere as CO2 and methane gas, it will itself contribute to warming the globe.
But scientists have now found a historical link between sea ice in the Arctic and the presence or absence of permafrost.
They say the expected disappearance of Arctic summer ice will speed up the loss of this permanently frozen ground.

This also posseiblities of easier passage through the arctic  as well as allow easier exploration of the artic sea with one less level to go through.
Despite the possibility that would allow for easier exploration into the arctic sea and the benefits that may come with that, I believe that it does not make climate change acceptable and that the world would be better off without the emissions.
I don't think we need more explorations right now.The natural state of the earth is being threatened and so far all we have managed to do is make things worse. We should be paying more attention to this and how we can remedy the situation by stopping further destruction of habitats and in general, climate change.

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