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UK ban on US chlorinated chicken 'to continue after Brexit'

Chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef will be kept out of the UK under any trade deal with the US, the environment secretary has promised.
Chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef are illegal under EU law for different reasons.
The EU says feeding cows with growth-enhancing chemicals could potentially result in harm to beef-eating humans – a suggestion the US fervently rejects.
There is, on the other hand, no human health threat from using a bleach solution to kill salmonella on chickens. In fact, it’s rather effective.
But the EU says using chlorine allows American farmers to be careless with the welfare of the chickens.
The US regards the rules against these products as a European ruse to protect its own producers, and has stated that the trade of both meat products will be central to any UK-US trade deal after Brexit.

 I think this is a really good idea. There should still be a certain carefulness to the process of handling and packaging chicken even though a bleach-solution can kill salmonella. Even though this may make things difficult for US as the UK's trade negotiator, the safety of the consumer is being taken into consideration and this is great to see.
There seems to be a crossroads where the US says the products are safe and the EU disagrees. I find no problem that if the EU can sustain there own production, they don't need to trade with the US. However, this article does bring up a good point about food production and more specifically the safety of the food we are eating.

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