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How dogs became our friends

The dog was the first domesticated animal. DNA samples from 8,000 to 4,000 years ago show the dog's ability to digest starch is ancient - hailing back to a time when hunter-gatherer societies adopted agriculture. Scientists have been divided on the idea of how dogs became domesticated from wolves. Some say that ancient hunter-gatherers used wolves as hunting companions or guards, gradually training and taming them. While others argue that domestication started later, when wolves stole food leftovers from settlements and began to live alongside people. After some research was taken on the bones of ancient dogs from eight different archeological sites in Europe and Turkmenistan, scientists realized something. They found out that dogs were thriving on a human diet and this supports the idea that dogs became domesticated when they started stealing food from human beings. A previous study also showed that dogs have genes for digesting starches, and this sets them apart from wolves. The dog is estimated to have split from the wolf around 15000 years ago. Exactly when and how humankind's relationship with dogs began is still a matter of debate up to now. There are others that also propose that domestication of dogs may have happened several times during history.

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