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Efforts To Halt Climate Change

Hello, the featured article is one that stresses the importance of reducing the negative effects us humans have on our own planet, earth. This thread will be a brief summary of the article, and why it is so important. 

According to the article, the earths temperature is warming up to 1.5C, it does not seem like much, but this little number could possibly have massive effects on ecosystems, animals, and even ourselves, humans. Many government officials met in South Korea to discuss this matter as it has been regarded as an emergency. How may this affect us? In order to combat climate change, we almost have to change everything about how we live daily. This includes transportation, housing, it can even come down to how we eat. To become more efficient in transportation, we must carpool more, use public transit, ride that cool bike sitting in your garage, or even investing in electrical vehicles. To become more efficient in housing, we must look at houses/apartments that offer a more efficient bill each month, or follow the trend of going solar. It may sound ridiculous, but we can also help reduce climate change when we eat our favourite foods. If we don´t waste our food, we reduce the amount of times a truck has to deliver to a grocery store, eliminating air pollution, which reduces climate change.

Scientists are saying these changes should happen by 2030, but it will not only be us making these changes. Our governments and leaders also need to step up to the plate. It has been estimated that governments must make investments of up to 2.3 trillion dollars to reduce these emissions and lower our global temperature. If this does not occur, we will most likely lose many ecosystems, animals, and even icecaps which means high water levels. Why is this so important? High water levels will raise the sea level, causing many small islands and shore cities to flood.

Scientists say we should act, and rather quickly. We do not have much time, but there is some time to correct it. 12 years. Humans are resilient, but are arguably one of the most stubborn creatures known to earth. In order to achieve a more eco friendly world, we must influence. This takes influencing those that believe, those that do not, and those that simply do not know. We must also apply pressure upon our leaders to recognize this issue, because if they do not act, they like all of us will feel the effects of a world that cannot be saved from climate change. So, before its too late, start thinking of ways we can be more eco friendly, so everything on earth can prosper and live freely, our ecosystems, our animals, our oceans, humans, and our home, earth.

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