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Efforts To Halt Climate Change
(10-16-2018, 06:40 AM)Blake Cherpin Wrote: I think this article serves as a great final warning to world leaders and politicians. Our human ways need to change, not only on a federal level, but all the way down to the municipal level. It starts at home, people need to go green, and discover new ways to be more Eco-friendly. It is going to be close, staying under the 1.5C limit by 2030 is a steep goal, but if politicians that endorse this goal are elected on all levels of government, the world can still change for the better by 2030. Also, voters need to be more active and show they care for not only the environment, but for the younger generations that will have more problems than us, if this is ignored.

I agree. In order to change the actions of humans on a global scale world leaders must come together, form a plan of action and implement it on the rest of the population. Changes in our world are in immediate need and if we don’t do everything we can as soon as possible the world as we know it may no longer be. I also agree that a big part of the action must be done through younger generations as they will be the ones who have to face the reality of our changing planet.

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