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Oceans running out of oxygen as temperature rises.

This article has everything to do with climate change and really brings to life and shows us clearly the effects on what we are doing to our earth. in the 1960s about only 45 ocean sites were suffering from low oxygen, now comparing that to today we have a crazy amount of 700 ocean sites which have low oxygen. Just by this information we are able to observe that we are ruining ecosystems and environments and presently and in the future, are killing many species. I have a strong opinion regarding climate change, as human beings do not respect the world which they live in. Although I am one to talk, driving my car to school everyday, we should all as a human race set plans in place to move closer and closer to a goal without global warming. Oceans are just a small impact of climate change, and as we continue to go down the path we are on now, we will continue to ruin many more environments along with the whole earth itself. results of low oxygen in oceans are shown in the threatening of species such as tuna, marlin, and sharks. These animals take a huge role in ecosystems, without them even more animals could be threatened. Does anyone have any other opinions regarding climate change and the effect we have on the environment.
It is frightening how serious matters with climate change are getting. We really need to start making changes in our world before we wreck it all. We need to keep this world going, so that future generations also have a chance to experience it and leave it as we found it before our generation passes. If this pollution and its effect on climate change just keeps going, I honestly don’t think our world will last much longer. Day by day we are giving negative effects to our planet and it is time for everyone around the world to get serious about it.
The whole situation really is terrifying as everything on the planet earth is being destroyed. Forests are being cut down and oceans are running out of oxygen. In honesty, the far future may be bleak for the planet and its species.
When bodies of water like this suffer the consequences of global warming and climate change, things like lower levels of oxygen are devastating to the ecosystems. Agreed, animals who live in these ocean sites are unable to continue living properly, and are watching their habitats be completely destroyed. This will follow up the food chain, to those who consume the tuna, and other aquatic animals. Ultimately, this is just another terrible effect of the global warming our earth is suffering from.
Climate change is really getting serious. Like without this oxygen how do we expect the aquatic species to survive, cause these species have a great contribution to human living. With the rate this climate change is going there might now be any other species except for humans if we don’t try to reduce it or prevent it.
The destruction caused by humans has only been for our own self interest and for the convince in our everyday lives. Granted, many pollutants are currently irreplaceable, but even small things can have a huge effect if everyone is able to chip in.

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