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In order to contact me by regular email, please use the following addresses:

Other Ways to get Info

What it isWhat it’s forHow to get there
  • Instant text messages between you and Mr.C. (please note, regular text message rates will apply for you).

Text the code for your class to  587-316-2959…

Physics 20 Block 1-2:  @blk1-2

Physics 30 Block 5-6:  @blk5-6

            Physics 20 Block 7-8:  @blk7-8
  • Full set of class notes for both Physics 20 & 30.

  • Video links of Mr.C explaining stuff.

  • MRC Discussion board to get bonus marks.

You're already here! 

If you want to get MRC, make sure to create an account on the discussion board with your REAL full name.

Google Classroom
  • Access to pdf files of the Pearson Physics textbook.

  • View calendar dates for labs and exams.

  • Submit lab reports online.

Go to the

Sign in with your ECSD account (NOT GMAIL). For example

Select that you are a student.

Click the plus sign in the top right to Add a New Class.

Type in the class code for your block…

Physics 20 Block 1-2: 1eq4p8

Physics 30 Block 5-6: sl9qb1

            Physics 20 Block 7-8: 529sbj

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