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Apollo 13 - Original NASA “Houston, we’ve had a problem here…”

The Infamous Exploding Whale - The classic you all love!
The Flintstones’ Winstons Commercial - Fred, Barney, and Wilma “light up!”
Challenger Disaster - A video of the Challenger disaster, January 28, 1986. It starts at about 60 seconds into the launch and shows the final moments of Challenger.
Jet Makes Compressions - Jets breaks the sound barrier 
Rocket Launch from Onboard - Ride along on a rocket during a real launch.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - See a bridge demonstrate wave motion.

The Mr.C Collection on YouTube!
Clearing Memory on TI 83 & 84 Calculators - If you need to clear your calculator before writing a test.
Putting a TI Nspire CX into Press-to-Test Mode - If you need to get a Nspire ready for an exam.
Line Straightening and Graphing in a Spreadsheet - Shown in OpenOffice. Also applies to LibreOffice and Excel.
Line Straightening and Graphing in a Google Drive Sheets - Shown in Google Drive Sheets.
Linear Regression and Line of Best Fit on a TI 83 or 84
Linear Regression and Line of Best Fit on a TI Nspire CX
Scientific Notation on a Casio Calculator
Scientific Notation on a TI 83 or 84
Scientific Notation on a TI Nspire CX
Friction - How do you calculate friction?
Components of Vectors - So what’s the deal with these boats trying to get across rivers?
Horizontal Projectile Demo - Show you a simple example of horizontal motion.
Brahe & Kepler - So what was the deal with these two guys?
Transverse & Longitudinal Waves - I bet you can guess what this video shows.
Standing Waves - Take a transverse wave, throw in a dash of constructive interference...
Charging by Friction, Conduction, & Induction - Charts and diagrams walking you through the three main methods of charging.
Series & Parallel Circuits - What is the difference between the two kinds of circuits?

First Hand Rule - The first hand rule that applies to the magnetic field around a wire.
Plane Mirror Ray Diagrams - The rules for drawing ray diagrams involving flat mirrors.
Converging Mirror Diagrams - The rules for drawing ray diagrams involving concave mirrors.
Diverging Mirror Diagrams - The rules for drawing ray diagrams involving convex mirrors.
Polaroid Filters - A little look at how a polaroid filter can change your outlook.

eBooks & Print Materials

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Cartoon Laws of Physics - The stuff I can’t teach you!
Party of physicists - How some famous physicists described a party.
Do you have what it takes to be a quantum mechanic? - Job Advertisement...
Challenger Remembered - by William Harwood
Galileo on Trial - A collection of texts on the trial of Galileo and his confession. Also includes the Pope’s withdrawal of the “guilty” sentence on Galileo.

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