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The following notes cover the entire Physics 30 curriculum (2007 version). I don’t intend that my students use these notes as an excuse to skip class… in fact I’ve put them here for the exact opposite reason. If you already have these notes when you come to class, you’ll find it easier to follow my explanations as I go through them. You are not required to access these notes… you are not missing anything if you completely ignore this web site. 

All of the chapters listed here are based on the order of the Pearson Physics textbook. At the bottom of each page you will find a note telling you what section from the text book the notes correspond to.

You will need a program that can read "pdf" files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view the files on this page. This ability is built in to Linux computers, and most Windows and Mac computers already have Acrobat Reader installed. Please download and install Acrobat Reader (100% free & safe program) on your computer by clicking on the link below if you have problems reading the notes. 

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Physics Data Sheet
List of Physics Directing Words
Lab Manual
U of A Pre Lab
U of A Post Lab
Linear Regression on a TI 83 & TI  84
Linear Regression on a TI Nspire
Physics 20/30 Program of Studies
Studyphysics Deck of Playing Cards

Zipped Note Packs

These zipped files contain all the notes available here separately as one convenient download...
Unit 5: Momentum (Chp 9) Notes
Unit 6: Forces & Fields (Chp 10 - 12) Notes
Unit 7: EMR (Chp 13 -14) Notes
Unit 8: Atomic Models (Chp 15 - 17) Notes
AP Electric Circuits Notes

Chapter 9: Momentum

1: Momentum & Impulse
2: Impulse Graphs
3: 1-D Conservation of Momentum
4: 2-D Collisions
5: Elastic and Inelastic Collisions

Chapter 10: Static Electricity

6: History & Theories of Static Electricity
7: Insulators, Conductors, and the Others
8: Charging by Friction, Conduction, & Induction
9: Coulomb's Law

Chapter 11: Electric Fields

10: Electric Fields
11: Field Lines

12: Electric Potential Energy & Voltage
13: Voltage in a Uniform Field

Electric Circuits (AP Only)

13a: Volta
13b: Electric Current
13c: Resistance
13d: Shocking: Effects of Current on the Human Body
13e: Resistors
13f: Capacitors
13g: Resistors in Series and Parallel Circuits
13h: Kirchoff's Rules
13i: RC Circuits
13j: Power
13k: Other Stuff!

Chapter 12: Magnetism

14: Magnetism History
15: Magnetic Fields
16: Domain Theory
17: Linking Electricity to Magnetism (First, Second, Third Hand Rules)
18: Applying Concepts of Magnetic Fields
19: Galvanometers & Electric Motors
20: Faraday's Law of Induction
21: Lenz's Law

Chapter 13: Electromagnetic Radiation

22: Electromagnetic Radiation
23: Models of Electromagnetic Radiation
24: Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetism
25: Speed of Light
26: Reflection & Mirror Diagrams
27: Refraction
28: Total Internal Reflection & Prisms
29: Lenses
30: Diffraction and Interference
31: Polarization

Chapter 14: Quantum Mechanics

32: Birth of Quantum Mechanics
33: Photoelectric Effect
34: Photoelectric Effect Graphs
35: Compton Effect
36: de Broglie Wavelengths

Chapter 15: Atomic Models

37: Thomson's Plum Pudding Model
38: Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment
39: Rutherford's Planetary Model
40: Bohr's Model
41: Quantum Model

Chapter 16: Nuclear Physics

42: Inside the Nucleus
43: Alpha, Beta, & Gamma Decay
44: Half Life
45: Fission & Fusion

Chapter 17: The Particle Zoo

46: Cloud & Bubble Chambers
47: Antimatter
48: The Subatomic Zoo
49: Quarks

Old Curriculum Released Diplomas

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